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Help to identify a uniform


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I'm trying to research my relatives uniform but having little luck. I think its one of the rifles volunteers corps? but not too sure. The badge on his helmet is suggesting a london / westminster / queens regiment and I think the knots on his sleeve suggest a volunteer unit. Ideally I'm looking for a colour image as I am putting my photoshop skills to work and creating a coloured version of the photo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Any help would be really welcome!

Thanks, David


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Welcome to the Forum.

With a Portcullis helmet plate centre, I suspect that this is Queen's Westminster Rifle Volunteers, but this is well out of my field. If it is a RVC unit I would expect the uniform to be grey.
I also assume that the rifle is a Martini Henry.

Either way this photo dates around the late 1880s and is completely "Off Topic" from 1914 - 1918, so please do not be surprised if your post is locked.


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The rifle is in fact a three band Enfield,and all three bands can be seen in the photo.

I suspect it is actually a Snider breach loader as the older muzzle loaders should have been out of service by the time the Home Service Helmet was introduced.


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As Sepoy says,the uniform is that of the Queen's Westminster Rifles, 16th (County of London) battalion, The London Regiment and probably grey or possibly a lighter version of Rifle Green.

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