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Sgt PC Howell Rifle Brigade and Nigeria Regiment


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I have medals to a Sergeant in the Rifle Brigade who also served in the Nigeria Regiment. His name was Percival Charles Howell who originally served in France in 1914 with 3 RB and was later posted to Nigeria (from 1916)

He was awarded the DCM for an action in August 1918 in GUMLANGA which was was further annotated NIGERIA

Does anyone have any info on what this was all about ? or any tips on appropriate reference works ?



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There is a book at archives.org "With the Nigerians in German East Africa". I think it mentions the Nigerian Brigade being involved in putting down a revolt in Southern Nigeria in 1918.

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James is quite right, the book does contain a mention of a revolt in Egba Province, Nigeria but it's not much, a half page or so in the epilogue.

Percy's DCM was listed in the London Gazette #31245, 22nd March 1919, Page 3840 and the citation published in the London Gazette #31702, 22nd December 1919, Page 15837. Link is here.... http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/31702/supplements/15837

2357 Sjt. P. C. Howell, 6th Bn., Rif. Bde., and Nigeria Regt. (Toronto, Canada) (NIGERIA)
On 3rd August, 1918, Serjeant Howell, when proceeding to the town of Gumlanja, was attacked, and had to order his escort to open fire in self-defence. In the fighting that ensued it is estimated that seven natives were killed and four wounded.

There was an earlier thread on the forum that adds a little bit of detail here...

Hopefully Harry, if he sees this, will be able to add more.



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I cannot add anything that I did not put on the other thread shown above.

There was quite a bit of unrest in Nigeria during the war years that the authorities kept a tight lid on.

However it's probable that Percival was involved in the Aduba War (Egba Rising).


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