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Thought I would try and piece together my Great Grandfather Harry Clitheroe's World War 1 and World War 2 History !!

That's right he served in both !! :w00t:

I'll be happy for any input from people.


Born in 1898, In 1917 he is 18 years old

He joins up and is at 60th Training Battalion \ 20th Welsh Regiment, Kimmel Barracks, North Wales. Not sure what date he joins up for here.

But he then joins the 8th Battalion Kings Liverpool (Irish) Regiment. enlisting at Preston on 24/2/1917, Will be looking what battles he took part in

He was a private and his service no 88329

Discharged after service 18/2/1919 , remarks 2 Blue Chevrons in France.

The day after 19/2/1919 he enlists in the 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers, as Private, service no 3435140, serving 2 years 41 days

and discharged 31/3/1921

He was a 1st Class Rifle shot and 1st Class Lewis Gunner.


I believe this was Harry at 60th Training Battalion \ 20th Welsh Regiment, Kimmel Barracks, North Wales according to my notes

more pictures ...

This is supposedly Harry in the 1/8th Kings Liverpool Irish



Harry Clitheroe_(3rd row 2nd left) in 1918 service with 1st Lancashire Fusiliers on Minden Day at Blackdown Camp

And below with D company, 1st Lancashire Fusiliers in 1920


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I have the same details for Harry, plus - Born 1898 in Cuerden, lived at 15 Havelock Terrace. Family living in Canada.

Strangely enough my relatives lived at the same address, but from my knowledge they are not related.

Also there was a Private 64250 John Clitheroe who served 2nd Battalion & 15th (Carmarthen Pals) Welsh Regiment,


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Hello Jim

Cheers for the reply...

Funny you should mention about the "other" Clitheroe family, ive been doing my family history for several years..

It just seems to much of a coincident, same house and same surname...

Cheers John

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I am now wondering which line of the 8th Battalion Kings Liverpool (Irish) Regiment he may of been in?

As there was a 1/8th and 2/8th

I do know that by Jan 1918 both of the 1/8 and 2/8 had been amalgamated and some soldiers sent to other Kings Liverpool units.

Harry Clitheroe enlisted with the Kings Liverpool (Irish) Regiment at Preston on 24/2/1917 service no 88329

So that means he spent about a year in either the 1st or 2nd line

I just ordered a copy of the 2/8th Diary..... maybe It will provide a few clues

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