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M2/073656 Cpl Harold Betram Rogers


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Good evening. Can anyway please help me in confirming if the above man did in fact gain a commission in the Tank Corps on 3 November 1917. His MIC shows "Comm 3/11/17" and there is a man by this name in the London Gazette, however as his medals are named to him as Cpl ASC. I am assuming he never served overseas again, hence this denotion on his medal trio. However wouldn't his MIC normally show Tank Corps and his rank as an officer or am I mistaken? His MIC also lists him as 104982 and in the MGC which may make sense regarding the Tank Corps?

I guess I am saying the MIC date and LG match up to his name, just would have been nice to have absolute proof on his MIC. There is another Harry B Rogers who served in the ASC and was commissioned into the ASC and later served in the NWF and his MIC refers to my man but I am sure they are different.

Sorry for the ramble.


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The medal index cards are a bit confusing - The medal index card for Harold Ben Rogers states see also H. B. Rogers, but this refers to another card to the same man and not to the entirely separate card for the Harold Bertram Rogers, commissioned into the Tank Corps. Unfortunately the card for Harold Bertram Rogers on ancestry does not list his commissioned rank or mentions Tank Corps.

The London Gazette clearly shows that Harold Bertram Rogers was commissioned into the Tank Corps, and Harold Ben Rogers was commissioned into the Army Service Corps - two different men.

Harold Bertram Rogers M2/073656 A.S.C. later 104982 M.G.C. was commissioned into the Tank Corps as is shown in the London Gazette, but he is described as a Cadet (having passed through officer training) and his former rank is not given.


The other was Harold Ben Rogers M2/097554 was commissioned into the A.S.C.


go back to page 3690 to see the heading reference to Army Service Corps

Hope this is clear!

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