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The RGA & Uncle Bob


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My great uncle Bob (Robert James Canham) sent the attached postcards to my Grandmother (his sister) in 1912, along with several more from India.

I know he sailed for France in 1914 and survived the war.Can anybody fill in the rest of the story pleasepost-98576-0-63684200-1384469993_thumb.jpost-98576-0-46375400-1384470537_thumb.j

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To get you started, 26th Heavy Battery originally went to France with 1st Division in August 1914 (see here). The battery left the division in April 1915; hopefully another forum member may be able to help with which Heavy Artillery Groups and RGA Brigades it subsequently went on to serve with.

All the best


Edit: 26th Heavy Battery war diary for August 1914 to August 1915 is available at the National Archives (currently not downloadable I'm afraid). Further more, I notice from Robert's medal card he arrived in France on 10th March 1915, so he didn't go overseas with 26th Heavy Battery (from the medal roll his unit is listed as 'Base Details', which means he probably arrived as part of a reserve draft and sent to the RGA Base Depot); this means he could have gone on to serve with pretty well any RGA unit thereafter.

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