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Remembered Today:

RBL and the Old Contemptibles


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On Monday I e mailed the RBL enquiring whether there would be any OC representation at next years remembrance events.

The reply states "If the Old Contemptibles wish to be represented at remembrance events next year then the General Secretary or Chairman of their National Association needs to make a written request to this office for consideration."

Do they know who the OC are and their significance in WW 1?

I found this attitude unbelievable.

What do others think?

Nigel. (grandson of OC)

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I think it is simply a form letter sent by an overwhelmed admin person. The RBL must be getting so many applications for involvement that they need a strict prodess to follow to ensure nobody falls between the cracks.By getting the grand fromage to contact them, tehy alos know that it is aj official contact from whichever association and not an overly enthusiastic member.


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According to the Old Contemptibles web site the last surviving OC died in 2005. So what representation were you expecting? Or am I thinking of the incorrect translation of OC.


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No, you are correct. I just feel that somebody should be there to recognise their sacrifice and significance in the anniversary. We shouldn't stop remembering just because there are no longer any survivors.


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