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Charels Edward Green - more help please


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Recently I asked for help about a Charles Edward Green who is listed on a sports memorial and got 8 helpful replies.However as I doubt that any of the 8 folks who replied got anything wrong I fear that the records may have become cross-migrated, or are wrong for two chaps with the same name, who were also both born in Peckham in southeast London.

One died Nov 4th 1917, and is shown on the SDGW database as a Private in the Machine Gun Corps (number 16055) and once of the Royal Berks number 16768.

The second chap died in 1917 too and is shown as joining the Royal West Kent at Camberwell (near Peckham) as number 7477 and then went to the Royal Berks on Feb 8th 1915 ALSO as number 16768 and then the Mach Gun Corps. He lived in Rusthall, Kent.

I fear that some of their service numbers have become linked as number 16768 apparently features in both of their career details. I do not have access to any databases so have relied on help from others who have supplied this information. Can anyone unravel this as he is the last of the 48 on the war memorials I need details of and it only lists him as C. Green with sadly no rank, nor date of death.?

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I must be missing something - Charles Green was 7477 with the R West Kents and was discharged - joined up again 8/2/15 at Camberwell and posted as 16768 in the R Berks, was transferred to the MGC 26/1/16 as 16055 and was killed 4/11/17 and buried at Duisans British Cemetery. Its all the same man

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There are two Charles Green - one in the Machine Gun Coprps and one in the West Kent's and their records have been muddled up as a service for them appears on BOTH of their files!!! One died 4/11/17 and the other 11/4/17.

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I think what happened was that that he was killed with the MGC after having served in RWK and RBR. Bits of a body was found with RWK memorabilia (possibly he still had a coat with RWK buttons)and identified from RWK records as Green and buried at Duisans. when they could not find the body of the MGC man they put him on Tyne Cot. I remain convinced it is one and the same man The date coincidence is all part of the confusion with someone writing the month and day in the American mode rather than normal. I don't know the enlistment dates for the RWK but 7477 looks like around 1902 - He would have been born around 1879 and if he joined the RWK at 18 or 20 would have been long retired by the outbreak of war which is why he joins the RBR and dies aged 38 in 1917

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