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Pte Frank William Roberts: 2nd or 1st York and Lancaster ?


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Good evening,

Can any York and Lancaster experts help me


Frank William Roberts was one of my great-grandfathers. I have his service record and MIC from Ancestry, both of which indicate service in the 2nd battalion of the York and :Lancaster regiment. His MIC shows entry into France 9 September 1914, as per 2nd Battalion. This seems to contradict with other information in the service record (he served in the Mediterranean theatre from 1916 and caught malaria) and family history (he learnt to cook curries when he was in india pre-war) which both suggest service in 1st battalion.


Could he have switched between battalions during his service ?

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Not a good one to read,bit faint here and there ! I am getting a story that he was wounded whilst with the 2 Y&L and in 1916 was number 29259 in 1 Garrison Battalion of the KOYLI (Home Service)! Woundings are often a key reason for transfer out from one Regt to another.A letter dated Feb 1918 from Records then says he is to transfer from 1GB to 4 Reserve KOYLI. Suggest you take another read !

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Hi there Steve and Sotonmate,

A quick reading of the service record is hard, but basically I agree, it all goes pearshape after his wounding.

There is also confirmation of him being transferred from the 4th reserve KOYLI back to the 1st Battalion Y&L.

I have to go out to the hospital and will have another look at it once I get back.

Cheers Roger.

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Thanks both of you.

I've re-read the file and it does seem that at sometime he transferred to 1Y&L, probably during 1916 (and from 1 Garrison bn. KOYLI to which he had transferred following him been (probably) wounded in May 1915). Whilst with 1Y&L he saw service in Mediterranean before being transferred to 4 (reserve) KOYLI in early 1918. This entry:


though seems to show him embarking at Southampton for Salonica on 13 April (Nov ?) 1918; if I am reading the place-names correct ?

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Hi there Steve,

Just had a quick look in pensions with him being a regular, there are 5 pages on his medical report.

As I understand his service record he did 3 years service with the colours 1904 to 1907 1st Battalion Y&L in India.

9 years reserve.

Upon recall it looks like he was posted to the 2nd Battalion Y&L, then to France in 1914 where he was injured.

Eventually the 1st Battalion reached France in 1915 then onto Salonika Dec 1915, and then that's where he joined up with them again.

I'm still reading it.

Cheers Roger.

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Many thanks Roger. My mum says he could cook a very good curry, which he learnt to do when he was in India.

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