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More help with abbreviations


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Hi All,

Usually, I can figure abbreviations out, but I am having trouble with these ones, for various reasons. If anyone can help sort them out, I'd appreciate it. All these references are 1918.

55 Training Squadron - I can't seem to find this one, except as a precursor to 55 Sqn. But my man was assigned to 55 TS in 1918, when the squadron was already at the front, so I am puzzled on this one.

No. 2 School of Flying & Gunnery - I have seen two listed, one at Markse and one at Turnberry. Which is the more likely for a Canadian airman in Jun 1918?

EF 2 Sqn AFC - Again, I see that this could be No. 2 Sqn Australian Flying Corp, but I am puzzled about why a Canadian would be assigned to it, and what the EF means?

Field Hospital 38L - location?

BEF Reserve Division - why would this notation be on an airman's file. Is it just the authority? The notation has him going from BEF to the Reserve Division

41 Sqn RD - Does this just mean that he is still nominally attached to 41 Sqn, but because he is ill, he is administratively assigned to the Reserve Division?

29 LC Sqn - what does the LC stand for? (This move was cancelled when he went back into hospital)


Here's a copy of the file


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The Training Squadron system was completely detached from Service Squadrons.

The reformed 55 Training squadron was based at Lilbourne, Northamptonshire, in 25th Wing, duringMay/June 1918. It flew Avro 504s, Sopwith Pups, Sopwith Camels and SE5as.

2 SAFG was based at Marske and gave instruction in gunnery and fighting tactics.

29 Training (Control) Squadron was based at Stag Lane and had evolved from the Medical Flight at Hendon. Its task was to re-introduced debilitated (either mentally or physically) pilots to flying and had an notional establishment of 12 Avro 504/DH6 + 12 service types.

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