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Liverpool Regiment Numbers....?

Laird of Camster

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Is there a way of telling which battalion of the Liverpool Regiment a soldier served in by their regimental number?

I`m trying to ascertain which battalion my guy served in his number was 77239. I think he served in the 5th battalion but there appears to be 1/5th, 2/5th & 3/5th. I know he went to France on the 23rd March 1917 if that helps narrow it down any?

He came from the RWF 2/5th his number then being 5659, this battalion appears not to have gone to France and been disbanded in Sept 1917. He finished his service in the Labour Corps as 212889 (299 Res Lab).

Can anyone help?

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I do not believe there is a clue in the numberng but wiser heads may tell you otherwise.

As far as arrival in France is concerned, 1/5th are down as 22.2.15, 2/5th as Feb 1917 and 3/5th not at all. [source: 'British Regiments 1914-1918', Brig EA James.]

He may have been part of a draft, rather than arriving inwith a battalion.


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Many thanks for your replies guys. It was worth a try, but I guess I`ll never know which battalion he served with. His service papers don`t give any clue at all?

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Would the war diaries perhaps be a back door into discovering which battalion he served in? I wonder will one of them will make mention of a new draft arriving at the right time?

Given that the 2/5th only arrived in France a 3 or so weeks before what is the likely hood of them needing replacements? Was this battalion involved in any offensives, over this period?

As the 1/5th had been in France for years could it be more likely that they would have received a new draft. Had this battalion been involved in any offensive recently?

I believe that normal trench wastage was approx 100 soldiers a day, not including offensive loses.

(His Medal is named to 77239 Pte J W Whomsley Liverpool Regt).



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