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Areodrome at Liettres


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Can anyone tell me more about this 70 Sqn location in 1917? I imagine it was not much more than a grass field, but a web search turns up absolutely nothing.

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I have a plan of Liettres dated 1.6.17 which shows 13 hangars, probably Bessoneau; I also have a photograph from about the same date. The aerodrome is on the Northern edge of Estrees-Blanche village. Liettres and Estrees-Blanche aerodromes are often referred to separately but it seems likely that they shared the same landing area.

A letter of 24 January 1917 from RFC HQ to 1st Army says that there is to be "a new aerodrome at Liettres to accommodate 3 squadrons".

A report of 24 November 1918 lists 10 Bessoneau hangars, 50 Nissen huts and about 50 other huts.

If you want copies of the plans and photos, e-mail me an address to raustin@tesco.net

Roger Austin.

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