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Couple of RWF Questions

Stephen Nulty

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I am looking into the service of a man whose MIC states "Balkans (2b)" with Date of Entry as 28/06/1915

Given the above, is it likely that he was an 8th Bn man? If so, then I think this date is when they were in Mudros - so when did they first move to Gallipoli?

Second question - assuming 8th Bn, what were they up to around the summer of 1916 (LLT states Gallipoli, Egypt and Mespot)

Grateful for any help/pointers

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Cheers Hywyn, will PM you

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A short outline from a write up on another 8th battalion man:

"The 8th RWF was evacuated to Lemnos from Helles, W Beach, on the evening of 8th January, 400 strong.

From Lemnos they went to Port Said on January 26th, on board the SS Grampian. They took over defences of the Suez canal near the sea, where training commenced. Soon orders came to leave for Mesopotamia. They sailed on February 14th on SS Briton, changing ships and proceeding to Basra where they arrived on the 28th. This was during the rainy season, and the “Regimental records” notes: “The mud in the flat country in which they were about to operate was as bad as anywhere in France.”

Proceeding up river (Tigris) in march, they arrived at Sheikh Saad, where bombing instruction and training was emphasized. They were now part of the attempts to relieve the besieged garrison at Kut-Al-Amara.

April found the 8th battalion taking part in several actions. On 5th april at Fallahiya, where the battalion passed through the Wiltshires, who had taken the enemys first line, proceeding to attack the second line, which was found to be unoccupied. Instead of pausing while the artillery bombarded the third line, the attack went forward immediately. This meant that they arrived in the third line when the british artillery opened up with shrapnel, causing a number of casualties.

On 6th and 9th april, the battalion took parti in attacks on Sannaiyat. The last action of the month was at Bait Isa 17th/18th april: During april the 8th battalion had lost 6 officers and 31 ORs killed, 16 officers and 241 ORs wounded, 3 officers and 32 men missing. Kut-Al-Amara had surrendered on the 29th.

Now came summer, and with that the end of offensive operations. The battalion returned to Sheikh Saad, and fatigues during the hot weather."



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Cheers Lars, some useful detail in there

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I have a BWM and papers to a man I know was in the 8th. His deployment date is the same as yours and I also know he served in Mes, at the end of the war he got a pension because he had contracted malaria there. He was a Wrexham man, but had a Scottish name. If this is on any interest? I also have access to the entire history of every battalion of the RWF from 1914 to 1918, so if your still researching your man and have anything you wish me to check, just PM me and I`ll do my best.


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Thanks for the offer. I think the previous replies have furnished me with enough to understand where he was, and I also obtained the Dispatch from Mespot which gave quite a few details.

But I may have another question or two regarding RWF so will dig those out and PM you

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