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Northumberland Fusiliers 1917


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Hello All;

I am trying to find the circumstances which led to the death of a Private Soldier known as Arthur Wall who was serving with the Northumberland Fusiliers when killed in action on 14th October 1917, (commemorated at Tyne Cot Cemetry)

Would anyone have a copy of the Regiments War Diary for the above date.

Many thanks


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SDGW records 26th Battalion and that he 'died' ie suggesting illness or accident.



Or even MIA - the Northumberland Fusiliers edition tends to list it's MIA's as 'Died'

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Just had a quick look at SDGW and the 26th Btn lost 12 men on the 14th. Of these one died of wounds, four are listed as died, and seven are listed as KIA, which would point to Graham being correct and the died actually being missing/KIA.

The 26th lost one man (KIA) on the 13th October, and another (also KIA) on the 15th October. I guess the war diary would be a good place to look to see what they were up to, or Sheens book in the TI may alos have some info. If nobody gets back to you I'll check the book this weekend.


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14th of October doesn't get a mention in the diary. On the 12th they entrained at Proven and moved to Stray farm, went into line NW of Poelcappelle conditions very bad.

16/17 Oct, Bn relieved and marched to Stray farm and the following morning marched to Bridge camp.

Nothing in the book about 26th Bn during this period - all about 24/27th attack attached to 102 Brigade.



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