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No. There were no campaign medals in WW1.

He would have received the Allied Victory Medal and the British War Medal. And the 1914-1915 star if he was eligible.


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1/6 Devons left UK for India in Oct 1914.

Moved on to Mesopotamia in Jan 1916 and stayed there to war's end.

Being in India in 1915 did not count for the issue of a 1914-1915 Star because it was not treated as a war zone. If he had stayed there he would have only received the British War Medal,but moving to the war zone of Mespot he became entitled to the Victory Medal also.

If you post his name you will get details of what his Medal Index Card says.

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Not much on the card. It confirms 1/6 Battalion as he has a second service number from the 1917 re-numbering of the Territorial Force. So initially 2473 which changed to 265855 which was within the band issued to 6 Battalion.Also he did not enter the war until after Dec 1915 so was likely a direct draft to Mespot in 1916,or possibly later.

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1/6th Battalion
August 1914: in Barnstaple. Attached as Army Troops to Wessex Division. On 16 September 1914 came under orders of Devon and Cornwall Brigade.
9 October 1914: sailed for India, landing Karachi 11 November 1914. Came under orders of 3rd (Lahore) Divisional Area at Lahore.
January 1916: joined independent 36th Brigade in Indian Army.
5 January 1916: landed at Basra, and remained in Mesopotamia for the rest of the war.
12 May 1916: 36th Brigade came under orders of 14th (Indian) Division.
September 1916: came under orders of the Tigris Lines of Communication,

thank you for the re-numbering, i did not know that.

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