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A quick recommendation for a book written by a friend of mine: It's the first in a series called KINGDOMS FALL and this volume is called The Laxenburg Message. Although the book may seem simplistic to the experts on this forum, I quite enjoyed this entertaining story about two fictional British spies recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service after the landing at Suvla Bay in 1915. They are first sent to Salonika to prepare for the allied landings, then to Serbia to find King Peter as the Austrians and Bulgarians are invading. Eventually the agents make their way to Vienna to meet with Archduke Charles at the Hapsburg estate at Laxenburg and end up at Verdun on the eve of the German offensive. Other historical figures appearing in the book are Compton Mackenzie, Flora Sandes, Eleftherios Venizelos, and Prince Xavier of Bourbon-Parma. It's a fun read and very much worth your time, especially as the e-book is only $2.99 on Amazon. Very reminiscent of the Aubrey-Maturin series by Patrick O'Brian and Bernard Cornwell's Richard Sharpe. There's also a companion website at KingdomsFallNovel.com.

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