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Dud Corner Cemetery - Article on CWGC's Renovation work


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Today's Sunday Telegraph (3rd November), as a well as containing the 3rd part of the Ashcroft 'First World War': supplements (The tragedy of consent) , and details of the winning design for the VC paving slab Click also has an article on the CWGC's recent renovation work at Dud Corner Cemetery Click (there's also a video Click)

The printed edition of the paper also contains potted biographies (with portraits) of Capt Robert Francis Coghill Scott, 2nd Bn Wellington Infantry Regiment; Maj Charles Stewart Holland, 120th Battery, Royal Field Artillery (believed to be first artillery man killed), & Capt. Anketell Moutray Read, VC, 1st Bn the Northamptonshire Regt (AKA 'The Widowmaker' because of his devastating boxing jab)


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"For the team at Dud, attention to detail is paramount."

Attention to detail is clearly not paramount for DT journalist Tom Rowley who repeatedly refers to Dud Corner Cemetery at Loos as "Dud" at Vermelles.

That aside, I've been inside the Dud Corner Memorial and cemetery a couple of times whilst this work has been going on, and I'd have to say that I was "surprised" at the number of stones marked for replacement upon which we could see no damage or weathering of any consequence. It seemed a good deal of money was being spent here for no real reason, and I'm now concerned to hear that the Commission had designated Dud Corner and seventeen other sites as being "iconic", and therefore earmarked for restoration (ie expenditure).

I see thousands of stones every year which are crying out for re-carving or replacement - many are nearly unreadable, some are unreadable. Nevermind though - they aren't on the gawping tourist kick-a-football / SAD / VC / poetry / 1-7-16 "trail", so I suppose they aren't ... "iconic".

:glare: Tom

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I had put forward, to the CWGC, a spelling mistake on one of the panels, KOSB, Tinn when it should have been Finn. I wonder if this will be corrected in these works? If anyone is around or knows I would be greatful for an update and/or pic of the correction.



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