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Remembered Today:

Mildred On The Marne (David Slattery-Christy)


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Just spotted a new book on Amazon, published today. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait 2 months to read it because SWMBO has decreed that it is too near to Christmas for me to be buying things for myself.

I visited La Creste last week and, although I didn't get to meet the owner, I was able to get some good photographs of the outside from the same angle as in The Hilltop On The Marne. I also visited the cemetery in Quincy-Voisin where she is buried hoping to visit her grave. It was much larger than I expected and the graves are very much packed in so, in the time available, I couldn't find it. Does anyone know where it's located?

Anyway, looking forward to seeing some reviews of this book in due course.


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