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Uniform Identification


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Good Morning

I received this picture (sorry, do not have better resolution) - it looks like the photograph was taken through the damaged fuselage of an aircraft.


The man on the left does not appear to have any identifiable insignia but the man on the right does and I would be grateful if someone could identify the uniform.


Nigel Henderson

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Foreign to my eyes. any chance you could post a blow up of them?

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The chap on the right looks like a Lt (JG) - Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and a US Naval Aviator.

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To me looks considerably post WW1and I am not sure it is an aircraft...........just my initial thoughts that I am happy to have corrected

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Thanks for your thoughts, the picture came from a collection in scrap-books inherited from four Great Aunts by the person that contacted me. The other pictures that she sent all appear to be WW1 but it is, of course, possible that some of them might be from the 1920s or later.


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