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A received order within the 1-4 East Lancs Brigade RFA War Diary, which may be of interest to forum members.

Some of the typed copy is a little indistinct, particularly the first and second paragraphs, apologies therefore for any misinterpretation or spelling mistakes in advance. The paper has been initialled and dated at the bottom by the OC’s commanding 1st, 2nd Batteries and Ammunition Column.

Kind regards


H.Q. 8th Army Corps.

No. A/495.

9th August 1915.

Med . Exped. Force.




The Lieutenant-General has noticed with regret that great

slackness among the troops in saluting officers. With very

few exceptions the soldiers who he passed to-day failed

even to remove their pipes [from?] all mouths.

Lack of respect to superiors and to the King’s Commission

is highly unsoldier-lie [sic] and the practice must cease.

The Lieutenant-General wishes you to bring this memo to

the notice of all officers under your command and to point

out to them that this slackness can only have arisen owing

to want of supervision on their part. Any officer who, when

a soldier, of whatever unit, does not salute, fails to check

him, is guilty of a grave dereliction of an important part

of his duty, namely, the maintenance of discipline.

The Lieutenant-General is fully aware of the fatigues

the men have undergone, but he wishes to point out that it

is just at such times that the observance of the outward forms

are so essential in order to preserve the morale of the troops.



D.A. & Q.M.G.

8th Army Corps



Officer Commanding,

4th E Lancs (H) Brigade RFA

For your information and necessary action.


Captain R.A

for Staff Captain R.A.


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From the current thread 'Who was Monty's saviour?' ....

The NZ Division always thought of Monty as a funny little man with a funny voice... Monty once complained to General Freyberg that New Zealand soldiers never saluted....Freyberg told him that if you waved at them, the men would usually wave back....

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A new broom sweeps clean?

If I have read the OH correctly (Vol.II, p. 177) Lieutenant General Sir F J Davies assumed command of VIII Corps only the day before. Was he trying to make an impression or something?

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The attached sketch, drawn by Private BHE Price, 5th Light Horse in 1919, is a classic interpretation of the ANZAC attitude towards saluting.

At that time he was in 14th Australian General Hospital, Cairo. He drew it for Charlotte Evans, AANS in her autograph book.

The officer's face would make a good avatar.



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EVANS Charlotte Elizabeth S/Nurse AANS Tos 14 AGH 10-17

PRICE Benjamin Henry Eyles 788 Pte 05 LHR 3R tos C Sqn 7-15 (G) att 2 LH Field Troop AE 5-18 rtn 8-18 FGCM AWol 30-9-18 to 2-10-18 senteced 4 months HL Citadel prison Cairo (British Oxford Uni Mounted Infantry and BSA Police in Rhodesia 3 years)


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Thanks for the information.

I have a fair bit on Charlotte Evans as she was my wife's great aunt.

There are 92 signatures, sketches and verse in the autograph book, of which I identified 82 of the people.

If you are interested in the ALH in Cairo 1917-19, I could share the spreadsheet with their details.

The book was donated to the AWM 3 years ago, but I kept scans of all the pages.


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