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Memorial bracelet - Cyril Bown KIA 30 Nov 17


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This unique memorial bracelet has just been sold on e-bay.

Found at Poole, it is a memorial to Cyril Bown who was KIA on 30 Nov 17.

His elder brother George, who was one of the first tanks crews, survived the war and it is suggested that this bracelet was once owned by George.

The bracelet gives the details of Cyril's life, the reserve blue and red enamalled oval being the colours of Cyril's unit - H Battalion of the Tank Corps

There is more information about the Bown brothers @


And no, sadly, my bid was just not high enough to win the item

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I saw this too. What struck me though was, if it were a memorial bracelet, one assume this was done by the family after Cyril's death. As such I was surprised that they would get his date of death wrong ie on the bracelet it is shown 1st Dec 1917. I could be wrong, of course, depending on when the family was notified.

I too was not the successful bidder


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My mistake - not the families.

He was killed on 1 Dec 1917.

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