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Greetings all,

I have a reference to Eve Card, QAIMNS, who served in France for four years and seems to be connected with both US and UK ambulances, and awarded Mons Star, French Gold Palms and Bronze Svc Medal (??)

She apparently trained at Melbourne Hospital, graduating before 1913, was a member of the Royal Victorian Trained Nurses Association and before the war worked in America.

I cannot find a QAIMNS or QAIMNSR file, medal card or newspaper reference for her.

Any help appreciated in unravelling this one.



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Unless there were two CARDs, it seems likely that she was Alice Card, who appears on the 1914 Star Roll (WO329/2504) as a 'Trained Nurse, British by Birth' working at the American Ambulance, Neuilly. The Roll also gives an address, which is:

Olinda, Victoria, N.S.W., Australia

Even is she served with QAIMNS Reserve, her place of residence etc. would probably have led to her file being destroyed between the wars as one which was unlikely to be needed again.


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Great, thanks Sue. Will search from here.

Olinda is just in Victoria (not NSW as well!)

cheers K

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Good one, thanks Sue

Alice looks like she might be the right CARD – and it appears that her name may have actually been Alice Evelyn CARD – so possibly chose to go by a derivative of her second name on occasion (really confusing when they keep chopping and changing!!)

Still can’t find much on her war service though….

But, she certainly came from a very interesting family – and the cottage in Olinda where the family lived, still exists today as a B&B….

K – I’ll send you details I’ve come up with on the family so far

Cheers, Frev

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