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King's Regulations Appendix XXIII


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Can anyone tell me please what is says about purchasing training books etc? I notice that most books have pink pages of adverts for books that are priced. There is a normal price I had assumed was for public purchase. Also a lower price for officers, NCOs & men. Was this for additional or lost copies? Or did they have to purchase all books from their pay?

The purchase is "in the manner prescribed" in above KRs.

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Hello fv1620




1. Applications for military books or maps published by authority on repayment should be

made on Army Form L1372, and should be addressed to the Secretary, War Office, SW.

Applications for books should be rendered separately from applications for maps.

2. The applicant will pay the price of the book or map to any army paymaster, and will

forward to the War Office the paymaster's receipt on Army Form L1372, with the address to

which the copies are to be sent clearly written. Copies of the form may be obtained from any

army paymaster. Remittances will not in any case be received at the War Office.

3. The paymaster receiving the amount will credit it in his account, if for militarty books,

under the head of "His Majesty's Stationery Office, Sale of Army Forms, Books, and Military

Publications," and if for maps, to Vote 12 F, "Appropriations-in-Aid, Proceeds of Sale of


There are a further five short paragraphs dealing with the supply of maps, which were obtained direct from the Ordnance Survey.

See also my comments on your other thread in this section, concerning the supply of manuals - purchase or free.

I would have replied before, but I have been away from my computer for a few days!


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Ron thank you very much for doing that. In the meantime a "booky" friend has sent me a scan of that page. I had forgotten about my original post as it had sunk down the list to obscurity. I find checking forums is not instinctively easy on my phone leaning out of the bathroom window trying to get a 3g signal. (Amazing how my service provider can spend £200 million on a contract for football rights yet after 2 weeks cannot mend a phone line)

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