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Crossley ambulances - in use by ASC?


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613 Coy ASC was based in Liverpool as a Local Auxillary MT Coy. As the photo is labelled as having an ambulance body fitted, it might have been modified and sent to war without the chassis being "rebadged"


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I'd always assumed that ambulances would be RAMC units not ASC. Or am I wrong?

The Motor Ambulance Convoys on the Western Front were a combination of an ASC Company and a small R.A.M.C. staff, under the overall charge of an R.A.M.C. officer.


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There were several ASC Motor Ambulance Convoys during the war some under the charge of the RAMC and some Red Cross (the drivers being enlisted into the ASC with 'SE' prefixes). Although I cannot confirm that these units used the Crossley it was certainly used by the ASC as it is listed within the spare parts of the ASC Repair Shop

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