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Remembered Today:

Wooden War Memorial Cabinet - Forfar, Skipton, Malacca...


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The Forfar Academy WW1 war memorial is a wooden cabinet


Pat Anderson's photo from - http://warmemscot.s4.bizhat.com/viewtopic.php?t=4503

Last night I found two other versions of it online

1. Christ Church, Malacca, Malaysia


The wording at the bottom is different from Forfar. It is "The Glorious Dead" in Malacca but I would say they are made by the same firm.

There is another one in Cononley, Skipton


With "The Heroic Dead" at the bottom.

Does anyone on the forum recognise it as being used elsewhere or have any idea where it was made?



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Thanks for the reply Jim. I am aware of other war memorial cabinets, but I am specifically looking for ones which match this design.



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