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Resistance/ guerillas in Serbia and Montenegro 1916-18 ?


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after the Austro-Hungarians and Bulgarians occupied Montenegro and Serbia, was there any armed resistance , either civilian or soldiers

evading capture and continuing to fight 1916-18 ?


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The Official History indicates that many Serb soldiers buried their weapons & equipment until late 1918 when the Serbs and French advanced up the Vardar Valley, then the former soldiers recovered their weapons and joined the Allied advance.

Anyone still wishing to fight after the German & Bulgarian occupation of their countries travelled through Albania to Corfu to join the Serb Army.


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Even though this answer is not what you asked for but it is still interesting to point out that Bulgarians and Ottomans launched a limited guerrilla campaign against Serbia and Greece between 1913-1916. It achieved limited results such as destruction some railway bridges, roads and raids against isolated small units. However Serbia and Greece used this activities to launch large scale repression campaigns against Muslims and Bulgarians.


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Hi to all,

biggest uprising on occupied territory in WWI occured in South Serbia with the center of Toplica region in march 1917, although guerilla activities never stopped. Bulgarians crushed that very cruel especially towards civilian. Serbian historian Andrej Mitrovic wrote book about that although not translated on English language. But in his capital book You will find something:


kind regards


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