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Hi , looking for any info on William Enoch Clement. [ relative]

Born 19th july 1897 in Mostyn , north wales. byton crossing ? I have no other information at the moment. Thanks for looking.

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I've found 2 men detailed as William E Clement, both in Welsh regiments.

Private 291270 Welsh Regiment 23.02.1916 - 15.10.1918 (Silver War Badge) Age 21. Served in Theatre 2A Greek Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria or European Turkey

Private 1406 Royal Welsh Fusiliers / Sapper WR193396 Royal Engineers / Private 240454 Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Served from 12.07.1915 in Theatre 5A Asia (?)

You now have to find out which one was your man. The chap who was discharged in 1918 would be the right age but there's no clue to the age of the other man.

Do you know his father's name?

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He didn't run very far, he died in Holywell in June 1968.

He was the son of William and Louisa Clement of Eyton Crossing, Mostyn.

In 1911 he was married (Elizabeth Ellen Parry) and living at Eyton Siding Cottage, near Holywell. His father had died and his mother was living with him.

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Thanks Sandie .

Ref William Enoch Clement . His father was William Clement 1844 - 1907.

W. E . Clement , born 19th july 1887 , married Elizabeth Elen Perry 1910 ? in the Salford area ?

Looking more then likely this is him , thankyou , now looking for private W.E.Clement , Welsh reg pte 291270.

Service from 23/02/1916 --- 15/10/1918 .

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Ref my last post , an error on Williams birthdate.. it is 1897 .

I think you were right first time. A birth date of 1897 would make him 13 when he married.

I think this is him:

Name: William Enoch Clement

Birth: July 1887 - Holywell, Flintshire

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Thanks ,i think your correct Sandie. On the school register for lady augusta school in mostyn it shows him joining school 28/7/1897 !

Of The two men you found , the first is too young , as you rightly said to young to be married in 1911 !

Now looking at the second man . William Enoch Clement , born 19/7/1887. Pte 1406 Welsh fusiliers / R.E.sapper wr 193396 / Welsh fusiliers 240454. from 12/7/1915.

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