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Acting Captain Frederick Pocock


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I am trying to find the citation relating to the award of the MC to my great uncle (Frederick Pocock). If we can't find the actual citation, then it would be good to find out more about the circumstances (distinguished service) which led to the award which was gazetted in Feb 1918. He was in the Royal Garrison Artillery and retired from the army as a Brigadier.

Can anyone help, please?



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Hi Richard

Gazetted 18.2.18 and citation published 18.7.18. HE was Lt (A/Capt) RGA attd 78 Heavy Artillery Group and was presented with the MC on 16.11.18.



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Wow! Thank you chaps. My dad is amazed that we not only got an answer, but that it came so quickly.

He's now asked if it'd be possible to track down the citation for his uncle Harry Pocock's Military Medal. Harry was with the Royal Signals and served in Palestine and Gallipoli. I'm sure that I remember him telling me that he won his medal at Gallipoli for unloading horses from a ship whilst under fire. I was a small boy, the only time I met him and that was many years ago, so my memory may well be playing tricks on me.

Thanks again,

Richard (and his amazed dad!)

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Guest Archie Bishop

Richard. I came across this by chance and realised we must be second cousins. Your Father, Michael ? - and his sisters Carol and Tessa, were my first cousins. It would be nice to be in touch. Did you find out more about Uncle Harry. I know so little about him and it would be good to catch up on all the family history. Please send your email address. Mine is Archie.bishop@gmx.com

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