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H.M.S. Renown & Hecla Stoker George Charles Morgan


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I would be very grateful for any help with the service record of this man please.

George Charles Morgan service record.pdf

I have managed to decipher some of his quite long service record (some of which I realise lies outside this forum) but I would like to know the following or where I can get the information from.

He served on the Hecla for 18 months. I would like to know more about this ship and where she was stationed. Also in brackets after the entry is (Midge). What does this mean?

The other ship he appears to have spent some time on was Renown. I have read that this ship saw no action in the war. Is this true and if so where was she?

If anyone has the time to explain some of the abbreviations to do with medals etc and also the comments at the bottom of the record I would be very grateful.

I assume the periods where he is listed as being with Victory II include periods of leave and training and during these periods he would either have been at Portsmouth or Crystal Palace.

Many thanks


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HMS HECLA was a depot ship (at Chatham, I believe) for destroyers and he served in one of these, HMS MIDGE. An internet search will give you information on his other ships. HMS VICTORY II was an accounting base (NOT at Crystal Palace, which was but one of its many 'customers') and, in his case, covered his time in barracks at Portsmouth. HMS RENOWN served in the Grand Fleet 1916-1918.

You will have noted that he was transferred to stoker RN from the Royal Marine Artillery (RMA) where he served from 1900 as RMA/8995. His RMA record can be downloaded here:- http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/SearchUI/Details?uri=D7759597

The RN Medal Roll at Kew shows that his trio of WW1 medals was issued to him when he was serving in HMS VERNON.

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small ships lack the clerical men to work out pay, leave, etc, so a shore base or depot ship does it. In such cases, you will see the accounting name first (Hecla) with the actual ship the man served on in brackets (Midge)

In the 'Rating' column, he goes from Stoker 2nd class to Stoker Petty Officer.

He was Acting leading Stoker on 20th Sept 1915 which he made good by 20th March 1916.

He was amoung the first draft to Renown as she commissioned on the 20th Sept, and it was while aboard her he passed his Petty Officer exams to become a Stoker PO.

I can't make out the ship he was on between 11th Mar 1918 - 8th Feb 1919 ... Delland? Detlard? Dellarch?

Between July - Nov 1919, is 'T.B 30' 'TorpedoBoat Destroyer 30'?

Search this site for HM Ships 'Hecla' and 'Egmont'.

While Renown may not have seen actual warfare at sea, she fought the 'Battle of the Distant Blockade' which produced it's own casualties. ;-)

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