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Help interpreting medical record


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Hi all

I wonder if anyone can shed light on my grandfathers record attached. I know some parts ie that he was badly wounded on 4.5.17 with bomb wounds and sent back to England, it is the annotations and numbers I need help with such as HA 5724 NZ (I?) Sty N amiens etc. and all the other codes.

Also I found the pages that this document came from 11 pages after the end of his service records on ancestry ie in the middle of another soldiers records, I don't know what made me search on but I'm glad I did as I found out how and when he was injured and the hospital he was in and other info. Just thought I would pass this on in case anyone else would wish to try it.




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Hypermetrop[ia] is longsightedness

"bis" on the first line is doctorspeak for twice - to the base hospital at Amiens I'm guessing

Bomb w[ound?] right hip right finger Left f[ore]arm septic sev[?ered?]

HA = Hospital Admission? Etaples.

HB I don't know but presumably Hospital again, W. Derby followed by Warrington.

I'm afraid I don't know what the numbers are when they are not dates.

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Thanks everyone, very helpful. Do you know if C1194 after 4.5.17 would be the reference for the Casualty Clearing Station nr the battlefield, I know it was the battle of Bullecourt from the website -

At 4am on 4 May a heavy German bombardment hit the 2nd Royal Warwickshire and 20th Manchesters while they formed up readyto advance.

Thanks again for your help


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