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Towns or Villages with no Memorials & The Neilston war memorial


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I am the secretary and a member of the Neilston war Memorial association research team. We are working to research the service personnel from our wee village in Scotland to be commemorated on a new build civic memorial in the Village next year. Presently our village has NO civic Memorial,which is rather unusual, as every village or town seem to have one and some villages even have memorial's of thanks to acknowledge the return of all their lads home.

We have confirmed over 157 lads for ww1 and about 50 for ww2 for our memorial and look to start the build process very soon.

I have been very disturbed by the lack of interest on this from some sections of the funding communities etc., when trying to get grants or such for this noble project.

I cant see how they measure commemorating the deaths of over 200 lads against some of the projects they have funded when they refused to contribute to ours!

What other towns or villages in the UK do not have a Civic memorial to honour the fallen do you know of?



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Depends what you mean by a civic memorial, many communities decided to honour their fallen by endowments, sports grounds, village halls etc. over the years many of these have been lost. However even in these communities local churches tended to have a dedicated memorial. After the war the work of the 'memorial committee' occasionally did not go smoothly and was riven by political and/or religious division. I would have thought the first question was why does the village not have a memorial? Was it the wishes of the bereaved? Was it deeply held beliefs about idolatry?


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