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I have heard of a photograph of a group of soldiers in a battalion who survived the whole war. They came out with the battalion in August 1914 and were still in the battalion in November 1918. Does anyone know about this picture? Which battalion was it? How many soldiers? What were their positions in the battalion?

Thanks for any help

Pehr Thermaenius

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Its in the book by Captain J. C. Dunn, the medical officer attached to the regiment's 2nd Battalion (RWF).


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Hi Pehr, I was thinking about this last night. I have a copy of this book in the loft. I`ll go up there and dig it out. I won`t be able to scan the picture (as I don`t have a scanner), but I can give you the names and ranks, if that's any use? Gordon.

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Page 296

Picture 31

Members of the 2/RWF who landed in Rouen on the 10th August 1914 and served continuously with the battalion until re-embarkation with the carde in May 1919. From left to right:

Capt WH Fox MC

Armourer Sgt J Belfield

Lt D Roberts-Morgan DCM MM

Sgt Childs

Sgt Driver Dyer MM MSM

Cpl Davies


L/Cpl Wright

Driver Carrol

Capt/QM H Yates MC

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  • Admin

For interest, the officers in the photo were commissioned from the ranks.The original photo seems to be held by the RWF Museum.

Don't forget that by May 1919, many men had returned to the UK, Frank Richards DCM MM and author of "Old Soldiers Never Die" amongst them. These 10 weren't the only survivors from August 1914, just the ones who were still around when someone had a camera.

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Re post #6, I'm pretty sure that Dyer MM was a Sgt Drummer, not Driver.

The significance of the photo is that it shows the men who served throughout with the same battalion. There would be many other men who landed with 2/RWF in August 1914 and served throughout the War, but would have moved on to other units/headquarters.The photo should not be taken as "the only survivors of an original battalion."

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