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Attestation Form Query

Patrick Watt

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Evening all

Just a quick question about attestation forms to the Territorial Force in 1914 (Form E.502). This form seems to be for a short-service enlistment for one year's service. I am looking at all the early recruits (August 1914) to a TF battalion and it seems that many had prior experience in the TF and were time expired. Were men who had prior TF experience formally expected to enlist on the outbreak of hostilities?

Also on the attestation form there is a section (Number 14) about 'Did you receive a notice and who from?' - the answer with time expired men is always 'yes' and it was received from a Sergeant in the local TF unit. In the first weeks of the war did the NCOs of the local TF unit seek out men who had recently resigned from the battalion or was it just that those men were more likely to enlist first because of their experience?



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