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Remembered Today:

16th Canadian Infantry Battalion "Canadian Scottish"

Malc Knowles

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I have the war diaries of the above for the months of August and September 1918.

It includes a Narrative for the 18th of August of action in front of Amiens. It makes fascinating reading.

It is in Paper form but I am happy to answer any enquiries.

Malc Knowles

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Hi Malc, you may be interested to know that those diaries and many others are available digitally from the Canadian Archives. A Canadian group called the CEF Study Group has a useful site that makes searching for them much easier than the archive search, which can b a little clunky.

Here is a link for you:


Happy reading!


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The battalion history is a magnificent book! 800 plus pages was fortunate to buy one in a mint conditon, with a mint conditon dust wrapper

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Thank you all

It is about 8 years since I did any digging on family tree stuff especially the military aspect. I now realise that since then huge advances have happened online.

I didn't realise the Canadian stuff was available online.



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