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If I provide details can someone out there provide me with the appropriate medal rolls for ex Lincolnshire Regt men, so as I may add a bit more to their research files.



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If you are referring to men from the Lincs Regt who transferred to the LC and had their medal issued by the LC, I'm afraid the BWM and VM medal rolls offer no more information than what is shown on the MICs. THe rolls only show LC number, previous regiment number and regiment - no battalions or LC units I'm afraid. The Star rolls are grouped by previous regiment and do show battalions most of the time. For the Lincs Regt you want WO 329/2838 for the 14-15 Star. I don't have a reference for the 14 Star.

Provide the details and we'll surely come up with something.


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Heres a list of the BWM/VIC references, quicker just to give you the ref rather than soldiers details as well;-

LC 101;-

B113 pg 11496

B157 pg 15991

B36 pg 538

B6 pg 599, 564

B189 pg 19197

B15 pg 1472, 1525

B16 pg 1602, 1578

B17 pg 1642

B19 pg 1912, 1843

B20 pg 1957, 1965

B148 pg 15054

LC 102;-

B36 pg 3629

That's them all, the men I'm after should be on these. Any help appreciated, thanks to Glen for the relevant star rolls, Thank you.

PM me for e-mail address if have any of the above so you can send me a copy. Thanks.


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