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10th Infantry , Jewish R. of H


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Hi All,

I have encountered a soldier with his name inscribed on a medal and it says: Pte L. Epstein 10th Infantry. He was from the South African Army.

I'm basically a newbie and I have some questions:

1) What's Jewish R. of H?

2) South African soldiers don't have a regiment numbers prior to their names?

3) Possible first name

Thank you ina advance


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It probably refers to the "British Jewry Book of Honour 1914 - 1918" by Rev Michael Adler, published in Caxton Publishing Co in 1922.

This book contains Regimental rolls and hundreds of personal and group photographs.
It was re-printed by Selous Books in the late 1990s and is still obtainable via Jeremy Tenniswood Militaria in Colchester.


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And re-printed again by The Naval and Military Press Ltd in 2006.

There is a Pte. EPTSEIN, L., A.S.I. 19430 listed under South African Forces. (I have transcribed the family name exactly as it is printed.)

He is not listed as "Fallen" and sadly there is no photograph, it seems.


Edited to add that having looked at the version Sepoy has mentioned the 2006 version differs from it in that it was not reprinted in the original format (one volume with a handsome hard-back cover) but is a paper-back version and it is divided into two volumes.

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