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Henry Cotterell/Cotterill


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Having found out how resourceful the Forum can be, I wonder if anyone can help me find the right soldier. There are many H Cotterells, and I have little information. H. Cotterell appears on the Creaton, Northamptonshire war memorial as fallen. There are 2 Cotterills shown in a fragmented roll of honour which includes those who served and returned, and they could be his brothers. William Cotterill was a private in 4/Northamptonshire, and Frank Cotterill is shown as Kitchener's Army - wounded 16-3-1915.

Henry, brother to William and Frank was born around 1885 in Spratton, the adjacent village.

I have tried all the obvious sources without success. I would like to identify his death with confidence. Any ideas, anyone?


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Many many thanks. You took 26 minutes to do what I had failed to do in hours. In my inexperience, I never thought to look outside Brit regiments.



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With him being in the Northamptonshire Regiment, I have a few notes on Frank. Frank will probably be 16635 Frank Ernest Cottrell of the 2nd Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment.

I have the following notes on him:

  • Enlisted about 7 December 1914
  • To France, 6 March 1915
  • I don't have a wounding listed for March 1915 but since the 2nd Battalion was heavily involved in the battle of Neuve Chapelle then (10-14 March 1915) I wouldn't be surprised!
  • Reported as Wounded as a Private per the Times of 11-8-1916 this is consistent with men wounded with 2nd Bn. at Contalmaison on or about 7 July 1916
  • Reported as Missing as a Private per the Official Casualty List of 12-7-1918 (place of next of kin listed as Creaton) - this is consistent with men Missing with 2nd Bn. at the Chemin des Dames on 27 May 1918
  • Reported as a POW as a Private per the Official Casualty Lists of 31-10-1918 (Creaton)

There was a Frank Ernest Cottrell with a birth registered at the Brixworth Registration District in the Apr-May-June Quarter of 1893

There was a Frank Cotterell born about 1893 on the 1901 Census (age 8). His family is listed as Charles Cotterell (50, groom, born at Tidcombe, Wiltshire), Sarah Cotterell (44, born at Maidwell), William Cotterell (18, shoe maker, born at Hawarden, Wales), Henry Cotterell (16, errand boy, born at Hawarden, Wales), Ellen Cotterell (12, born at Hawarden, Wales), Herbert Cotterell (11, born at Hawarden, Wales), James Cotterell (5, born at Spratton) and Charles Cotterell (2, born at Spratton). The family were living at Spratton at that time.

The same Frank Cottrell, born about 1893, is on the 1911 Census (age 18, gardeners labourer), born at Spratton, also listed are Charles Cottrell (57, groom, born at Chute, Wiltshire), Sarah Cottrell (53, born at Maidwell), Herbert Cottrell (20, labourer, born at Hawarden), James Cottrell (15, labourer, born at Spratton) and Charles Cottrell (12). The family are now living at Creaton.

Death registers suggest he died in 1928 in the Brixworth Reg. District - Ancestry mangles his name as "Frank E Cottorll"


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