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Hello again. You all very kindly helped me with some queries about R.A.F. service. In particular my Grandfather. Now I need your help again id it is possible please. I am running a facebook page for the 100th anniversary of the first world war on Face book. I need help with this person.

Robert Horace Askew
Born 19th February 1897
Lived in Merton
22318 Rifleman Robert Horace Askew served in the Kings Royal Rifles
and was transfered to the
reserve on the 28th April 1915.
He died 26th March 1927 of TB.
He was my Grandmothers first husband.
I wish to include him on my page but i would dearly like to know what battalion he was in so that i can follow that up.
Please feel free to add people who you would want on there.


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His medal index card indicates that he served overseas after 1 Jan 1916 and his number has an 'R' prefix.

Might be an idea to change thread name to mention KRRC so an expert may then be able to help.


Steve M

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