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Nova Scotia Battalion?


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I am researching my Gt Gt Uncle, Charles Ernest Louth. After serving a number of years in the Rifle Brigade, joining in 1895, he moved to Nova Scotia. I have his attestation papers, showing he signed on in Valcartier on 26 Sept 1914, after passing fit at the same place on 29 August. His number was 46956, and the attestation papers say Novia Scotia Battalion, and 3rd battalion [then something undecipherable] is printed across the top, however, and this is the question, I can find no record of a Nova Scotian 3rd Battalion, so is there any way that I can find out what unit, he served with? I have a copy of a letter from him in WW2, to my Gt Grandmother, his sister, saying he passed through England in WW1, but that is it.

Any advice greatly received!

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I can help you with some British Army campaigns pre-WW1 for 4056 Private C Louth of 2 Bn Rifle Brigade.

1898 Sudan Silver Medal for expedition to Khartoum and later a clasp KHARTOUM.

1901-02 South Africa Anglo-Boer War. Queen's South Africa Medal and clasps for BELFAST,DEFENCE OF LADYSMITH and LAING'S NEK. Later King's South Africa Medal with 1901 and 1902 Clasps.

The Battalion was in Cairo in 1903.

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Other places in the CEF archives link his service number to 56th Battalion. Notes attached lead me to think that the number 46596 was in a block allocated for recruits to this Battalion.

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The Canadian Great War Project lists him as a Sergeant Major, No.3 Company 17th Battalion CIF and then as a Captain. http://www.canadiangreatwarproject.com/searches/soldierDetail.asp?ID=139795

Details of the history of the 17th Battalion (Nova Scotia Highlanders) are at


It includes the info that - The 17th were issued number block 46001-48000, and would get the additional block of 169001-171000.


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From this page, you will see that the 17th Infantry Battalion became the 17th Reserve Battalion, which absorbed a number of other units as they arrived from Canada and formed drafts to reinforce Nova Scotia units at the front (25th, 85th and RCR).

I can confirm that Louth did not reach the front with The RCR, but to verify what unit(s) he did serve with you will need a copy of his service record.

Rank: CPT
Regimental number(s): 46956
Reference: RG 150, Accession 1992-93/166, Box 5752 - 3
Date of Birth: 14/07/1875

My pages here may be of help: Researching Canadian Soldiers of the First World War

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Thanks. I think I will certainly look at ordering his full service record. I suppose his age and previous service made him ideal for training.

On a more general note, once again there is a warning about using these records as an official/true record. He claims to have been born in Bombay, but was actually born in Battersea! His father had been a Sergeant Major with 3/Hussars and 3/Dragoons and stationed in India for 13 years, but returned in 1870. In the 1930 Census for Buffalo, New York, he had claimed his parents were Irish, but in fact, both were Londoners; his father, at least, of many generations!

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