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Remembered Today:

BBC's 'The Great British Year' & Stow Maries aerodrome


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Interesting to see that Stow Maries was used to shoot some of the scenes in the first of the Beeb's new nature series 'The Great British Year: Winter'. The usual superb wildlife photography with, amongst others, some moody shots of a barn owl hunting in the snow from one of the disused buildings. The sequence taken using thermal imaging equipment at the end of the programme - also at Stow Maries - has to be seen to be believed.

Must be a very onerous task balancing the needs of conserving the history of the aerodrome against those necessary for the conservation (doubtless including stringent statutory requirements) of the wildlife.

Programme details (with clips) & BBC iPlayer link Click


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According to BBC reports today, the preservation of the airfield has now been made possible by a grant from the National Heritage Lottery Fund.

A happy outcome!


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