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r.f.a attd 155 bde help


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help I am new to this my grandfather was with the above unit I am not even sure the full title of the brigade he was awarded the military medal during ww1 wondered if anyone could enlighten me to any history on him or any interesting info . ,he was also a flying officer during ww2 in the raf was this usual?

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Charles Percival Denby, M.C. has a medal card on the Ancestry website which states that he was an officer, holding the rank of Lieutenant and later Captain whilst serving in France & Flanders, which he did from 27th December 1915. His address is given as Low Mills, Boston Spa when he applied for his medals in 1922.

As an officer he would have been entitled to the Military Cross rather than the Military Medal.

His Military Cross was a New Year Honour of 1 January 1919 which shows him as: "T./Capt. Charles Percival Denby, R.F.A., attd. 155th Bde., Ammn. Col., R.F.A."


His unit being the Ammunition Column of the 155th Artillery Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

The 155th Artillery Brigade was part of 32nd Division until January 1917 when it was transferred from Divisional to Army Command.



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It was not unusual to see officers from the First World War in training roles in the Second World War, and common for Army Officers to go to either Army or RAF roles.

Some of his dates of promotion can be gleaned from the London Gazette:

London Gazette 12-4-1915

Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery.
The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants: —
Dated 2nd April, 1915.
Robert Peel Nuttall.
James William Widdup.
Walter Brumwell.
William Henry Bloor.
John Harold Gibbons.
Charles Percival Denby


London Gazette 14-9-1915

The appointment of the undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants is antedated as follows: —
Cyril J. Mawson, to. 16th March, 1915.
Leslie A. Kenworthy, to 20th March, 1915.
Charles P. Denby, to 22nd March, 1915
London Gazette 25-5-1921
R.H. & R.F.A.—
The .undermentioned relinquish their commns.: —
On completion of service: —
Temp. Capts., and retain the rank of Capt. :—
J. F. Conlin, M.C. 13th Jan. 1919.
C. P. Denby, M.C. 29th Jan. 1919.
A. E. L. Jones, M.C. 10th Jan. 1919.
He has a fair few Gazette entries for various promotions and appointments in WW2:
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steve wow that was some seriously quick response to what I thought was an awkward question it will probably take me forever to even look at your replies. can you help on another one if its not too much trouble as you seem to be able to get to the bottom of things so quickly, could he possibly have flown spotter planes ?? , and I think he was also awarded the mons cross? thank you so much for the earlier posts , Rupert.

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The "Mons Cross" was not a medal that I am aware of.

The 1914 Star (for men serving overseas before 22-11-1914) was known as the "Mons Star" since many recipients had fought at Mons, the first British battle of the war. It was a campaign medal awarded based on the time the man arrived in a theatre of war. Charles was entitled to the 1914-15 Star, a very similar medal that was awarded when a man served overseas before 31-12-1915.

The Mons Cross term may even come from his award of the Military Cross, which was certainly a Cross shape. This was for gallantry and/or excellent service to his unit.

I'm not sure which war you are referring to for the spotter planes role. The Royal Artillery certainly provided men for Air Observation Post Squadrons that filled that role.




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Hi Rupert,

re: Capt.Charles Percival Denby MC

Just seen your post, so I joined the forum (always meant to anyway, as its so full of great info) so I could contact you. I'm Andrea Denby, your cousin Richard's wife (remember me?!) and we've been researching grandfather Percy (and the rest of the Denbys) for 20 odd years. I've got his WW1 & WW2 records, soldiers will, medal roll card, gazette listings, and have been trying to piece together his WW1 service, via war diaries etc.

Please contact me (your mum has our address & phone number, but I don't have yours) and I'd be delighted to pass on copies of anything you would like.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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