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Henley-in-Arden Hospital, 1916?


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Hello -

I am interested in the movements of a great-uncle, Thomas Matthews, who served with the SWB and RWF in the Dardanelles before being evacuated back to Britain on HMHS Aquitania. From elsewhere on this forum, I have the dates that HMHS Aquitania landed in Southampton from Mudros as 27/9/15; 27/10/15; 4/12/15; and 3/1/16.

The family story is that he had dysentery, and given the conditions on Gallipoli, there is no reason to doubt that.

We do have these two postcards of Henley-in-Arden hospital, and a third picture of soldiers convalescing (with some nurses). The building in the background to this photograph seems to be the same as in the 'V A D Hospital Henley in Arden' postcard - but perhaps someone who knows about this hospital will be able to confirm that?

Was Henley in Arden Hospital used to treat dysentery cases?

Is there anything in these postcards to give a clue as to when they could have been taken?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,





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The official War Office list of hospitals names the hospital as 'Public Hall Auxiliary Hospital, Henley-in-Arden.' It provided seventy beds for other ranks, including fourteen beds in an open-air ward by 1917. As an auxiliary hospital it came under the control of a larger War Office hospital, in this case No.1 Southern General Hospital, Birmingham, from where it would have received its patients. Later on in the war it might have taken patients direct from disembarkation but at the time your great-uncle was there it seem highly probable (a certainty really) that he would have been treated elsewhere first, probably in Birmingham, before being transferred out for convalescence. The hospital probably took a men with a great variety of medical and surgical problems after their initial acute phase was over. I've got an article on my website about the open-air ward at Henley-in-Arden - I can't say it sounds very inviting!


As far as dating goes, the only thing to be gained from the nursing uniforms is that it's post August 1915, but of course you know that already.


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Thank you very much for your help.

Can anyone advise me whether any books recording admissions and discharges might have survived for this hospital?

Thanks again,


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