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Suzanne Chateau, Somme, Picardy


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Dear Forum Chums

I am searching for a photograph of Suzanne Chateau, Somme c. 1915-16 when it was used as the Brigade HQ for 83rd/84th/85th Brigades, RFA of the 18th Division.

Any help and any information very much appreciated.

Regards ... Maricourt

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Maricourt, quite a few if you search Delcampe and select department 80 to eliminate Saint-Suzanne. http://www.delcampe.net.

Here is a good example: Suzanne Chateau.

Also, I've posted the corner house, church and street as part of my grandfather's 1918 images, showing minimal war damage after they captured it from the Germans after the 1918 Spring offensive.

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Hello WhiteStarLine

A very big thank you for the Suzanne Chateau postcard photograph - it is just what I wanted!

I am now going to sign up with Delcampe and view the other images.

You have made my day!

Thanks ... Maricourt

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