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The following photograph shows, I believe, members of the Edinburgh University Officer Training Corps, dated around 1913. It was found in my some of my grandfather's records, following the death of my uncle last year.

On the back of the photograph are seven names - the second of which is my grandfather BB Murdoch, of whose Great War activities, I now know a reasonable amount about. I would love to know a little more about the others in this photo. Along with the photograph is a small printed card, detailing the Results of Competitions 1912, for the Edinburgh University Battery. The card details the names of the winners of various awards for the year, and most of the names on the back of the photo are winners of the Challenge Shield compettion for "manoeuvre, gun drill and driving".

From left to right: JWG Hewart-Riddel, BB Murdoch, GH Lunan, DH Shiel, DJ Fraser, JH Graham Hunter, William Carrie Clark

The information I have so far is as follows:

Captain James Wilfred George Hewat Riddel RAMC (Oct 23 1917)

Lt BB Murdoch RFA/2nd Div Sig RE

Lt George Harold Lunan RAMC Attchd 9th Lancers. KIA near Ypres 13 May 1915

DH Shiel ?

Lt Douglas James Fraser RFA Edinburgh University Roll of Honour

JH Graham Hunter Ch. B. Obstretician.

Captain William Carrie Clark. RGA. b 15 Feb 1886. Edinburgh University Roll of Honour


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there was a Daniel Hastings Shiel, 2Lt in the RGA; commisioned 27 Jan 1915 - cant find anything else as yet.. the only medal card looks to be one for a silver war badge so presumably discharged due to wounds etc by 1918

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Gentlemen, you have again, provided incredibly prompt and knowledgeable replies. The download of the University Roll of Honour is a particularly valuable resource I now have access to and has already proven valuable beyond this piece of research. For any one else who may be interested in the photograph, Ive detailed below the entries for the 7 friends in the picture. There is also a copy of the 1912 Competitions Results card, with some names that may be of use to others.

I believe the photo to have been taken at some point in 1913. I cant help thinking that the young lads look blissfully unaware of the horror that they were preparing themselves for. Reminiscent of my time in the Cadet Force, after having been through some "war game" activity....

Bath College. O.T.C. 1907-9. Student of Medicine, 1910-15 ; M.B., Ch.B. 1915.
O.T.C. Artillery, Oct. 1911-14, Cadet Acting B.S.M. R.F.A. (T.), 2nd Lieut.
Aug. 1914. R.A.M.C. (Regulars), Lieut. July 1915; Temp. Captain Jan. 1916;
Captain Jan. 1919; Acting Major 1918-19. France, ist London Rifle Brigade,
1916-18. D.A.D.M.S., 55th Division, Sept. 1918 to March 1919. The Rhine 1919.
M.C. Aug. 1917.
George Watson's College; First XV. M.A. ; B.Sc. 1909. A.I.C. O.T.C.
Artillery, 1908-13, Cadet. R.F.A., 2nd Lieut. Dec. 1914 ; Lieut. Dec. 1915 ; Acting
Captain Sept. 1916. Wireless Officer, attached R.E., Aug. 1917 to Oct. 1918.
France. Wounded 1916. Dispatches Jan. 1917.
Daniel Stewart's College. Student of Medicine, 1908-13; M.B., Ch.B. 1913.
O.T.C. Artillery 1908-13, Cadet Corporal. R.A.M.C., Lieut., attached 9th Lancers
Aug. 1914. France 1914. Killed at Wieltze, Belgium, on I3th May 1915. PI. XLV.
North Berwick High School. Cadet Corps 1903-7, Sergeant. M.A. 1911; B.Sc.
1914. O.T.C. Artillery, Oct. 1909 to Jan. 1913, Cadet. i6th Royal Scots,
Sergeant Nov. 1914. R.G.A., 2nd Lieut. Jan. 1915. Invalided out Dec. 1915.
Technical Staff, Ardeer Munition Factory, Ayrshire, from Dec. 1915.
Student of Arts, 1910-14. O.T.C. Artillery, 1910-14, Cadet Bombardier. R.F.A.,
2nd Lieut. Aug. 1914; Captain Sept. 1917; Acting Major Nov. 1917. M.C.
Student of Medicine, 1909-14. M.B., Ch.B. 1913. O.T.C. Artillery, Feb. 1909
to Oct. 1914, Cadet Sergeant. R.A.M.C., Lieut. Sept. 1914; Captain Sept. 1915.
Daniel Stewart's College. Student of Arts and Divinity, 1912-15; M.A. 1912.
O.T.C. Artillery, Oct. 1914 to Dec. 1914, Cadet. R.G.A., 2nd Lieut. Dec. 1914;
Lieut. March 1916; Captain Nov. 1917. Commandant, Fao, Persian Gulf.


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I am pleased you found The Edinburgh University Roll of Honour useful.

The EU OTC Battery Competition booklet is very interesting, and via the EU Roll of Honour, it will be possible to see how many names contained in that 1912/13 booklet sadly appear in the Roll.



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