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Maps referred to in CEF 2nd Brigade War Diary, April 1915?


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There is a remarkable typed account of the first gas attack on the Western Front in the Canadian 7th Battalion's report to the Brigade HQ from April 1915. It refers to map coordinates. Can anyone help me locate the map referred to in this account? I've provided links to a couple of the war diary scans:



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Here is a zoomable trench map of St-Julien (possibly dated 2.3.16)

You will find your 'C' Coordinates on this St-Julien sheet 28.NW.2 - but will need sheet 28.NE.1 for the 'D' coordinates.

A few of the coordinates are...

C.24.a Road junction

C18.c St Julien - Fortuin Road

Wieltje Village (C.28.B)

C.24.a Battalion HQ

D.7.b & D.7d Locality 'C' (requires sheet 28.NE.1)

C.12.d Enfiladed Cross Roads

C.10.d & C.11.a Woods (Kitchener Wood)

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Here is a map showing some of the area. German lines after the attack.



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If it's the actual map being referred to that you are looking for, then it's simply the 1:40,000 scale Sheet 28 edition 1. No trenches were shown on this (the British didn't start producing official trenchmaps until the summer of 1915).


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