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I'm trying to find the following deceased soldiers (WW1)

No sign in Soldiers Died or Irelands Memorial Records!?

1786 L/Cpl Tho Baker 3 RIrish (RI)

5133 Sjt David Broderick RI

25445 Pte Edwin Kenny 3RI

35022 Pte M Mulvey 4 RI

CWGC has nothing of substance...on the site, sadly the files are locked away in Maidenhead!

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BAKER, T Rank: Lance Corporal Service No: 1786 Date of Death: 07/12/1918 Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Regiment 3rd Bn. Grave Reference 354. Cemetery DURRINGTON CEMETERY

BRODERICK, D Rank: Serjeant Service No: 5133 Date of Death: 28/07/1918 Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Regiment Grave Reference 291. Cemetery DURRINGTON CEMETERY KENNY, E Rank: Private Service No: 25445 Date of Death: 16/11/1918 Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Regiment 3rd Reserve Bn. Grave Reference 346. Cemetery DURRINGTON CEMETERY

MULVEY, M Rank: Private Service No: 35022 Date of Death: 02/02/1919 Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Regiment 4th Bn. Grave Reference 362. Cemetery DURRINGTON CEMETERY

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Many of the soldiers buried in Durrington Cemetery were patients at Fargo Hospital, which was south west of Lark Hill and Durrington camps. Possibly these four men were victims of Spanish Influenza.


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