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Note the serial number has been re stamped but wrong prefix! the original number still visible below nosecap.



Small pattern windage wheel.


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Nice rifle! I still miss mine and for some reason never got around to buying another. And I feel the same way. It was made to shoot and that's exactly what I would do. The only safe queens I have are the ones I ran out of ammo for.

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Again an excellent example of the first year of MkIII production. My 1907 (also BSA, but although matching has not retained so many original features) is U5230 and is NSW marked.


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Looks like it spent some time in Victoria at some stage (3MD). The 34357 ownership serial would equate to a circa 1917 marking if it was for Victorian usage.

Cheers, S>S

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Nice acquisition. Anything on the butt disc?

Hi Story,

Nothing on the disc but has a 3MD number stamped into the butt that does not match either of the struck-out numbers on the receiver.

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