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Argyll Sergeant in Full Dress - Need Help On Date


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The below image of an Argyll & Sutherland Highlander sergeant in full dress is presently undated. The only clue to narrow the obvious 1881-1914 window is the rifle. Could one of our weapons experts identify the model and suggest a date for the photo?



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I think that it is probably a Lee Metford MkI or MkI* although there is very little detain on the fore-end of the rifle which would help.

However, it is slung from magazine to muzzle and there is no sign of a sling swivel on the butt.

The shape magazine base looks to me like the narrower 8 rnd single stack magazine of the the Metford.

The Metford MkI was introduced 1888-91 (in 1888 as the Magazine Rifle MkI and in 1891 as the Rifle, Magazine, Lee-Metford MkI)

The Mk I* was approved in 1892

The MkII was approved in 1893 but this had the 10rnd Magazine and sling swivel on the butt.

So a rough guess would suggest 1890-1900 as a time frame - no earlier than 1890 I would suggest, but how long such things hung on in service even with regulars is a minefield....Probably gone by 1905?

sheer guess there really.


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I agree with Chris. It is a Metford and I would date the photo to around 1899 just as the 2nd Anglo/Boer War was starting.

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Many thanks to Chris and FROGSMILE for the weapon ID and dating. The 1890s timeframe also IDs the battalion as the 91st who were at home at this time while the 93rd were in India.

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