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"immediate Military Cross" awards in WWI


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I glance at the obituaries in the Daily Telegraph and have noticed a number of references to the subject having served in WWII and having been "awarded an immediate Military Cross". Googling leads to other references all of which appear to be in the context of WWII. Searching this Forum produced only


So were "immediate awards" made in WWI or were they mainly a feature of WWII? Were all decorations - except perhaps the VC - able to be awarded thus? And who made the decision, and how?


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Yes, immediate awards were made in WW1. I believe that lists of these were published regularly during the war.

One example: Military Cross.

Immediate Award: Royal Air Force; Date of Recommendation: 24/5/18. General List and Royal Air Force, 10th (Army) Wing, 64 Squadron. Temp.Sec.Lieut.(Temp.Capt) Phillip Scott Burge, M.M.

"For Conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He has proved himself to be a brilliant fighting pilot, and when engaged in combat with the enemy, often numerically superior, his dash and determination, combined with a entire disregard of personal danger, has set a fine example to the remainder of his formation. Personally he has destroyed six enemy machines."

The recommendation goes on to describe how each enemy machine was destroyed.

Sadly Captain and Flight Commander Phillip Scott Burge, M.C., M.M., was shot down and killed during an aerial combat, by Marat Schumm of Jasta 52, on 24/7/18. At that time P.S.B. had a tally of 11 victories(3 of these shared).

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