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Ring (button) identification


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I am trying to identify the button insignia on this ring. The ring was made from a WW1 button, but not sure if the button was British, Belgian, or German???

Any help would be appreciated




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It's German, such as seen below:


or a close up here:


But looks to be of slightly better quality manufacture than normally encountered on issue stuff.

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I would agree, it looks like thin gold applied to a signet ring. Overall the ring doesn't have the quality of the usual later German made pieces, what metal is the ring itself, it marked or hallmarked?

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Thanks for the info Guys! The original ring was originally a "brass button on aluminium ring". It was crude piece of trench art but the "button" was removed and put on a standard 10k gold ring by a local jeweller. Must admit - it has a certain appeal.

Thanks for the feedback,


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