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If a soldier was killed/died during the Third Afghan War of May-August 1919, would he qualify for a Memorial Plaque?

Best Regards,


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Cut off date for war grave status 31.08.21

Cut off date for memorial plaque (home service) 10.1.20

Cut off date for memorial plaque (other theatres) 30.4.20

The CWGC cut-off date is final, with no exceptions.

The plaque dates were supposed to be final, but I have come across many exceptions to the rule. Also, New Zealand carried on giving out Memorial Plaques and scrolls to deceased ex-servicemen well into the 1930s.

But in theory, someone who died in say June 1921 would be entitled to a war grave, but their next of kin would not receive a plaque and scroll.


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The latest dated plaque death I have is S/36899 Rfn Charles Alfred Light Rifle Brigade 17/01/1920 Buried Southampton Old Cemy

Racing Teapots, how do we class this soldier he is after the home service date you state.

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I mean this in the nicest possible way, Paul, but Rfn Light is an exception - and we both know there are plenty more :)

I believe, but I have NO proof, that if any relative wrote in and requested a plaque, it would be made and issued. I have NEVER seen/heard about a refusal for a plaque. Has anyone seen such a refusal in any soldier's records....??

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Light could be DOW from wounds recieved whilst on overseas service then he fits in with the April Date you give.

As an aside

My Great Grandfather Tom Quilliam Royal Engineers Died of wounds attributed to Gas poisioning in 1921 but was outside the dates.

His Brother George Douglas was Killed on 25 Sept first day of the Battle of Loos, Toms son Richard served in the Royal Engineers in WW2, His son my dad did National service Royal Artillery/ Royal Military Police, Myself Royal Engineers and still serving, My Brother RE and just finished after 24 years.

Pretty much unbroken Military Service from the Quilliams.

Uncle Norman 17/21st Lancers his son Army Catering Corps, Uncle Micky Army Catering Corps, Cousin Helen QARANC,

At one stage we had 3 Quilliams serving in Quebec Bks Osnabruck. It was not planned either.

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